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About Rosie's Tiny Tots Daycare Ministry

Our parents surveyed rate us as an exceptional childcare  in our service and programs. To be a part of the Rosie Tiny Tots Daycare family is to be treated as family with love, and support through connecting families with programs for enrichment or assistance, age- appropriate school vacation activities for children and affordable childcare with a Christ-focus in our character and faith lessons and activities.

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Our Program


Rosie’s Tiny Tots Daycare Ministry mission is to change lives and future generational outcomes. We hope to accomplish our mission by educating parents through sponsored educational services while working to develop, caring, respectful and responsive relationships with children. From infant through school age, we partner with our families and provide guidance on how to model and support their child’s growth and development.

Attractive ~ Loving ~ Engaging ~ KG Ready

Goal Statement

Rosie’s Tiny Tots Daycare Ministries goals are …

  • To provide an educational learning environment that is attractive to clients, student-engaging and loving.

  • To be a resource for parents in navigating parenting milestones of their child’s growth and development 

  • To provide educational experiences aligned to Indiana early learning standards for KG school readiness and meet and exceed school expectations.


Contact Us

3764 North Leland Avenue

Indianapolis, Indiana 46218 

(317) 547-4720    

Hours of Operation

Leland Location

6AM - 6 PM

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